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ANTARI DNG-200 Low Fog Machine

Category: fog / wind

The DNG-200 Low Fog Generator is the complete ground fog effect solution from a fully self-compacted unit with wheels and handles to stand against tough transport.

With today's rising demand & awareness for environmental and health concern, the effects produced is virtually indistinguishable from that is created by dry ice.

Distinctively from other products currently on the market,it creates low fog straight from machine’s nozzle. 

This makes it far more efficient and convenient without any hassles of CO2 installations and other attachments.

It is operator-friendly as there are no external controls to the machine. Simply plug the unit and place the 3M fog conducting hose (for remote dispersion) and operate it like a normal fog machine.

Main Features: 

1. No CO2 is used. It’s completely safe to human health and environment-friendly. 

2. Powerful compressor offers continuous low fog output. 

3. Efficient heat exchanger gives Antari DNG-200 capability to generate massive output and makes it the best of the category.

4. Strong wheels and optional flight case allow the unit to be moved with ease and ideal for tours.

5. Compare to the other similar low fog machines (using refrigerator, no CO2, not dry ice), the low fog produced by Antari DNG-200 is relatively drier.


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